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Own a Piece of the World Famous 78 Record Collection That Joe Bussard Spent Seventy Years of His Life Collecting

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Auctions will feature a portion of Joe’s Collection. Before you can bid, you must sign up for an account. View the current auction here.

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During the auction, bidders can place their bids via a traditional auction method. Some items will have a “Buy Now” option.

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Winners will have three days to complete their purchase with a link that will be sent to them via email.

Meet Joe Bussard

Joe Bussard was born in Frederick, MD in 1936 and would spend the next 70 years of his life collecting, creating, and sharing music with folks around the world.

Whether you were lucky enough to be able to take a trip “down in the basement” or simply enjoyed his radio programs, you likely experienced the passion and excitement that Joe had for the music.

His collection focused on records from the early 20s through the 50s and featured a variety of genres, including rare recordings that he was lucky enough to salvage – and titles he even recorded himself under his label “Fonotone”, such as the early recordings of John Fahey! His collection caught the attention of many, including artists like Eric Clapton, Jack White, and Elvis Costello.

When Joe became ill, the fate of his record collection was up in the air and many wondered what would become of the irreplaceable history that he had gathered over the years. While we were lucky to have many years with Joe after his first cancer diagnosis, he sadly passed away in September of 2022.

The torch was passed to his daughter, Susannah Anderson, who grew up with her father’s record collection and spent her life surrounded by the music and the friends she made along the way because of it. Her father always insisted that he didn’t want the collection donated to a museum where it would sit and gather dust, with no one to appreciate and love records the way he did.

After his passing, Susannah decided she would like to give others the opportunity to share in her father’s collection and continue to enjoy the music. While there are many venues out there that would allow his records to be sold to collectors around the world, the family decided to honor Joe’s wishes and handle the record auction on their own. It simply seemed to be the best way to honor Joe’s memory and the records that have been handled by no one but himself over the last 50+ years.

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